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  • Concentrated Black Ginger Syrup 180g

    Concentrated Black Ginger Syrup 180g

    Description : This sirup is made with black ginger, Okinawa cane sugar and hebesu citrus juice, a citrus that reminds of sudachi but is cultivated in Miyazaki. Black ginger is...

    19,30 €

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  • Sucre noir d’Okinawa et Kagoshima - 300 g

    Brown Sugar from Okinawa et Kagoshima 300g

    Description : The Satsunan Sugar company makes products from Okinawa and kagoshima sugarcane since 1964. These black sugar pieces are made by mixing raw sugar, molasses which...

    6,50 €

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  • Concentrated Shiso Syrup  300ml

    Concentrated Shiso Syrup 300ml

    Description : The shiso is a Japanese herb from the same species than mint. It is often known as Japanese basil. In Japan, shiso is used in cooking for example with sashimi but...

    14,30 €

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  • Poudre de patate douce Satsuma 1kg

    Purple sweet potato powder Satsuma -1kg

     This sweet potato powder is violet and has a strong coloring power. You can use it in pastry, it will bring lightness to your preparations. Its flavour is soft and sweet.

    63,50 €


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  • Sucre brun de Tanegashima Sensoto 450g

    Sensoto - brown sugar from Tanegashima 450g

    Description : This sugar is made from sugarcanes cultivated in Tanegashima. It is additive and food coloring free. The juice extracted from the squeezed sugarcanes has been...

    6,30 €


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  • Sirop de sucre noir d'Okinawa - 280g

    Okinawa black sugar sirup - 280g

    Description : Black sugar sirup is made from sugar cane only. It does not contain industrial sirup or honey. The black sugar sirup smooth texture is due to the great quantity of...


    6,04 € 9,30 €


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