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Kanazawa premium beer Koshihikari Ale 330ml (4,5% VOL.)


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Description: Koshihikari Ale is a light and refreshing blond beer with a typical Japanese taste that was made in Ishikawa prefecture. This beer is made with locally grown Koshihikari rice that gives the beer lightness and sweetness, pure water drawn in the area and six-row barley, grown by the brewers themselves.

Alcohol by volume: 4,5%

Flavor: This lightly bitter and refreshing beer has a mild flavor, distinctive of Japanese beers and notes of rice on the finish. The Koshihikari Ale has a golden color and a slightly cloudy aspect.

Pairing: The flavor of rice of this beer goes beautifully with starters and light dishes such as salads, sushi and sashimi. Its refreshing taste goes perfectly well with spicy dishes. The Koshihikari Ale is quite popular among people who enjoy light and not too bitter beer.

Serving temperature: Chilled (4°)

Ingredients: Malted barley (two-row Ishikawa), Koshihikari rice, hops (Fuggle, Hersbrucker)

Preservation: Keep in a cool place, away from sunlight.

Origi: Japan

Shelf life: 360 days

Container: Glass bottle

Located in Kawakita, an area well-known for its rice fields, the agricultural farm Wakuwaku Tezukuri was founded more than 20 years ago with the aim of revitalizing rural areas. Indeed, despite its rich environment, the area is impacted by depopulation. Wakuwaku Tezukuri Farm encourages the cultivation, the use and consumption of local products. Ishikawa prefecture, in which Kawakita is located, has an abundance of pure water  as well as a pure and rich soil. Thanks to these characteristics, rice, buckwheat and other cereal are abundant in the area. Wakuwaku Tezukuri specializes in rice and buckwheat cultivation to make their home-made craft beers. These beers are brewed with water from the Tedori River, springing from the mount Hakusan, two varieties of buckwheat and Koshihikari rice. Through their home-made beers, Wakuwaku Tezukuri Farm wishes to use local products so that everyone can enjoy the natural wealth of rural areas.

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