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Yuzu Powder 20g


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Description : Yuzu is a flavorful and yellow Japanese citrus of about 100g in between tangerine and citron. This powder was obtained through spray-drying yuzu juice and was made by our citruses grower located in Tokushima, an area well-known for its high quality citruses.

Flavor : Yuzu has a subtle and complex flavor something between tangerine and citron. This powder has the flavor of yuzu without any biterness. 

Use : Powdered yuzu juice's distinctive characteristic is that it is easy to combine to any preparation without altering the texture. It is ideal to add the typical flavor of yuzu to your dry mix when baking, more specifically for macaron shells, choux pastry but also for cremes, mousse or flavored butter.

Ingredients : Dextrin (76,8%), yuzu juice (23,2%). 

Preservation : Store in a cool, dry place, away from light, refrigerate after opening. 

Origin : Japan

Shelf life : 1 year

Container : foil pouch

Also available in 200g (reference 067)

Bando Foods is a small family owned company based in the Tokushima department of Shikoku Island, which grows Japanese yuzu, sudachi and yuko citrus fruits on a surface of more than 7700m². The fruits grow between 300 and 400 meters above the sea level. Its annual production is about 25 tons. One part of its production is sold as it is in Japan. The other part is transformed into products such as the yuzu and sudachi juices we offer. It is one of the only companies in Japan to be certified organic for Japanese citrus fruits, from fruit growing to production. This is why Umami is one of the only companies in France offering pure organic yuzu juice.

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