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Young Ume plum puree - 200g


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Description: This Ume puree is made of not ripe yet plums, which gives it its green color.

Flavor: Very fruity flavor with a nice acidity.

Use: This puree brings a fruity taste to both sweet and savory preparations. Delicious in vinaigrette and sauces, you can also use it in desserts, it perfectly accompanies chocolate.

Ingredients: Ume (Japanese plum) 100%

Preservation: Keep refrigerated. 

Origin: Japan

Shelf life: 14 months

Container: Plastic bottle

Maruyama Foods, located in the department of Wakayama, cultivates the Japanese plums called Ume. The company is located in the village of Minabe, very famous in Japan for the quality of its Ume, and the largest production site of Ume in Japan in terms of quantities. Maruyama Foods supply us its traditional Umeboshi (salty plums), as well as umeboshi paste.The Ume used for our Umeboshi belongs to the Nankobai category (高梅梅), considered as one of the best.

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