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Iburigakko - Daikon smoked with oak tree 150g


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Description: Iburigakko is a Japanese radish, smoked and pickled, traditionally cultivated and prepared in the Akita region in northern Japan. In late October, the radishes are hand-picked and smoked for three days with oak wood, then pickled for over 50 days with sugar, salt and rice bran. Adding beer to the marinade helps enhance the natural umami of the daikon radish and gives it its unique taste. 

Flavor: Iburigakko has a full bodied, smokey and slightly sweet flavor with a hint of umami and a crunchy juicy texture.

Use: Iburigakko is ideal served as an appetizer with cheese and white wine or a sake with a rich aroma. It also pairs well with avocado in a salad or can easily replace pickles in a burger to add a smoky touch!

Ingredients: Daikon radish (76%), sugar, salt, beer (malted barley, hops, rice, corn, starch), vinegar (rice, alcohol, salt, sake lees), Japanese mustard, rice bran.

Allergens: Barley, Mustard

Preservation: Keep away from sunlight, heat and moisture. After opening, keep refrigerated and consume within 1 week.

Origin: Japan

Shelf life: 13 months

Container: Sachet

Also available in 350g (reference 248)

The company was created in 1955 by the parents of the current general manager. Originally, they produced vegetables and side dishes. The company uses environmentally friendly cultivation techniques to minimize its environmental impact, while producing very good quality products. Their main product is iburgakko, a smoked and then marinated radish. This family recipe uses local ingredients and is free of colouring and preservatives. The company's goal is to make iburigakko known around the world, and they encourage consumers to use their products in a wide variety of recipes. The company perpetuates local culinary traditions to produce fresh and tasty food.

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