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Spring Buddha Bowl

Ingredients for 2 bowls


1. Wash brown rice by rubbing it between hands until the water is clear then cook in a rice cooker or a pot. If you don’t know how to cook rice in a pot, we’ve got you. Take a look at this article : How to cook rice in a pot.

2. In a pan filled with cold water, add red azuki beans and heat up. When it boils, drain the water and repeat the process a second time. Cook for about 75 minutes, until the beans are tender. You can check by poking the beans with a knife. Please note that if you mix red azuki beans and white azuki beans, the white azuki beans will darken during the cooking process.

3. While beans and brown rice are cooking, rehydrate the seaweed salad in a large bowl of cold water for approximately 20 minutes. Chop ⅓ of red cabbage, rinse it so its color does not stain the other ingredients and set aside. Once your seaweeds are rehydrated, add to red cabbage. Season with dressing made with mirin, soy sauce, lemon juice and sesame oil.

4.Once the rice is cooked, drain and set aside in 2 bowls. Once the beans beans are cooked, strain and let cool down. Add 2 tablespoons of beans in each bowl to give some color and mix the rest with golden roasted sesame seeds and a dash of sesame oil to make hummus. Add salt and pepper to taste.

5. Plating : Rice and azuki beans in the bottom of the bowl. Cover with seaweed salad and red cabbage. Add diced apple for a refreshing taste. Make a quenelle of azuki beans hummus with a tablespoon and carefully put it on top. Sprinkle with white roasted sesame seeds.

Bon appétit !