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Black vinegar jelly with dashi - 140g


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Description : This exceptional dashi jelly is the combination of aged outdoor black rice vinegar and dashi -traditional broth extracted from Kombu and dried bonito produced in Makurazaki, a city renowned for the quality of its bonito. 

Flavor: Rich in natural glutamate, it has a unique deep umami taste, long and round on the palate.

Use: Black vinegar jelly can be used in sauce making, in soups... It perfectly accompany a grilled mackerel and a poached egg, rice or white meat. Preservation : Store in a cool, dark and dry place. Refrigerate after opening. 

Ingredients: Rice Black Vinegar (25,7%), Sugar (18,86%), Soy Sauce (13,76%), Dried Bonito (1,51%), Mirin (1,04%), Kombu (0,76%), Agar (0,67%).

Allergens: Soybeans, wheat, bonito

Preservation: Store in a cool, dry place, away from light. Keep refrigerated after opening.

Origin: Japan

Shelf life: 18 months

Container: glass jar

Originally from Kagoshima, Mr Nakahara, our supplier of dried bonito, used to work as a consultant in Tokyo before his life reached a turning point. After hearing of the slowdown of dried bonito in his hometown, Mr Nakahara decided to quit his job and use his experience as a consultant to take over Nakahara Suisan, the family business, amidst crisis. The knowledge he acquired and his passion for the authentic taste of dashi led him to develop new products associated with fishermen from the area.

Mr Nakahara greatly contributed to the production of dried bonito in Makurazaki, earning him the title of dried bonito spokesperson. Mr Nakahara still strives to spread the flavors and dashi through the world.

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