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Vegan black garlic sauce 180g


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Description: Vegan black garlic sauce is made of local ingredients of vegetable origin, produced in Miyazaki prefecture. It contains vegetable dashi, made with kombu seaweed and shiitake mushrooms. This soup stock intensifies the umami flavor of the other ingredients of this sauce such as mirin and soy sauce. The raw black garlic used to make this sauce was produced by the sauce manufacturer themselves. Black garlic is rich in nutrients and add a delicious light candied flavor to the sauce.

Flavor: A powerful flavor with notes of candied fruit, typical of black garlic, rich in umami and long lasting in mouth.

Use: Being very versatile, the vegan black garlic sauce is the perfect everyday seasoning that can be finely incorporated to a variety of dishes such as stir fried dishes, sauces and stew, paired with sashimi or used in marinades. For example, this sauce can be used to marinate chicken prior to frying or cooking on the grill, mix it with olive oil to make a dressing sauce or dilute it with water or broth to make a soup stock.

Ingredients: Soy Sauce (42,49%), mirin (26,67%), sake (18,17%), brown sugar (5,08%), kombu (1,54%), black garlic (4,52%), shiitake mushroom (1,54%)

Allergens: Wheat, soybean

Preservation: Keep in a cool dry place away from light.

Origin: Japan

Shelf life: 2 years

Container: Glass bottle

Initially a packaging subcontractor located in Miyazaki, Momiki faced hardships when its workforce got considered too expensive. To maintain its staff, Momiki reinvented itself, using its know-how in electronics in a new line of business : black garlic. After 6 years of research the company developed a black garlic with no bitterness nor spiciness but a gentle flavor only, marking the rebirth of Momiki. Throughout the years, the company expanded its range of 100% made in Japan and additives free products with by-products from black garlic such black garlic sauce, sold at Umami. Its mission : Spread its passion for black garlic all over the world.

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