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Vegan poke sauce 230g


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Description: In Hawaii, poke means "to slice". By extension, the term designates a dish made of rice with pieces of marinated raw fish, usually tuna, on top. It is served with fresh fruits and vegetables. This sauce made from tamari soy sauce, sesame oil and vinegar is perfect to accompany a tuna or salmon poke. With no additives or preservatives, it is also perfect for a vegan diet. 

Flavor: Slightly sweet with a strong sesame flavor. This sauce also have the saltiness of soybeans fermentation. The tamari soy sauce used in it also adds a certain thickness to the poke sauce. 

Use: This sauce is generally used as it is, to season pokes, salads and other bowls. It goes very well with a great deal of raw fish based dishes. 

Ingredients: Water, soy sauce (soybean, water, salt, alcohol), sugar, salt, sesame oil, grain vinegar (sugar cane), thickener (E1422, E415), garlic extract, alcohol, yeast extract, onion extract, ginger

Allergens: Sesame, soybean

Preservation: Store in a cool and dry place, away from light. Keep refrigerated after opening.

Origin: Japan

Shelf life: 18 months

Container: Glass bottle

Otafuku's origins date back to 1922, when Sasaki Shoten set up its sake and soy sauce business in Hiroshima. Nearly three decades later, along with the rise in popularity of okonomiyaki, Otafuku developed what would become its flagship product: okonomi sauce. As okonomiyaki gained popularity, Otafuku expanded its business to include sauces for yakisoba, tonkatsu and takoyaki. The company was so popular that in 1998, it even exported to the United States! Despite its success, Otafuku is still committed to its founder's philosophy of "never compromising on the quality of ingredients" to always offer the best products.

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