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Kochi yuzushu 500ml (12,5°)


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Description Yuzushu is a mix of alcohol and yuzu juice. The yuzu fruits are cultivated in the Kochi prefecture. Once the juice is extracted, it is immediately frozen in order to keep its freshness and flavor. Salt, usually used for preservation is not added here. As soon as the juice is defrosted, the yuzushu is made. It is then pasteurized. Instead of using sake, our producer made the choice to use alcohol. It prevents the evolution of the yuzushu taste and a better preservation. Indeed, sake continues to matured with time and it changes the yuzushu flavor. Nevertheless, the yuzushu is light, with an alcohol volume close to wine. The yuzu fruit bitterness is balanced with a little bit of sugar. A surface sediment full of flavor as been kept in the bottle. 

Flavor : Very refreshing, with a great balance between the acidity and sweet taste of yuzu fruits.

Use : Traditionally yuzushu is enjoyed cold, with ice, as a pre-drink or in a cocktail. It also goes well with meals and especially meat like yakiniku grilled meat, Chinese cuisine or fried dishes. Mixed with ginjo sake, the yuzushu will develop a stronger taste. With some yuzu peels, it will have an even more fresh citrus flavor. Try to add a little bit of yuzushu into your black tea, it is delicious ! Finally, do not forget the possibility to drink it after the meal like a limoncello, alone or on top of ice cream for example. 

Ingredients : Water (62,3%), sugar (17%), alcohol (10,7%), yuzu juice (10%).

Preservation : Keep in a cool dry place away from light. 

Origin : Japan

Shelf life : -

Container : Glass bottle

・The consumption of alcoholic beverages is forbidden for persons under the age of 18 according to french law.
・Good sake,good quantity, not too much.
・Pregnant women and mothers of small children should avoid drinking too much.

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The Takagi Brewery has been located in the city of Akaoka since the Edo era. Its founder, Kiemon Takagi, was first mentioned in 1878 in a stamp register. Akaoka was initially a salt marsh fed by a rich sea, leading to the development of a salt market and the opening of a salt road. The family, originally specialized in sericulture and rice trading, started large-scale sake brewing, in 1884. From 1998, the brewery started to produce sake made from 100% of ingredients from Kochi and to create a variety of rice adapted to sake brewing, “gin no ume”. To this day, Takagi Brewery’s traditions are perpetuated by the 6th generation.

The water used by the brewery to produce sake comes from a groundwater source fed by the Monobe River. The rice used is sake rice from Kochi and the brewery uses 10 different yeasts created in Kochi prefecture since 1987, including a yeast that gives sake melon and banana aroma and a yeast that gives an apple aroma.

Takagi Brewery’s sakes are reputed for their freshness and being easy to enjoy. They can perfectly accompany meals and won several competitions such as the National New Sake Appraisal and more recently, in 2020, received the platinum medal of the London Sake Challenge.

The brewery strives to highlight local products and offer a local, homemade and refined sake, expressing the uniqueness of the region while blending the sake into the gastronomical heritage of the region. Thanks to exchanges and cooperations rooted in the brewery culture (tournaments, festivals) the Takagi Brewery wishes to revive the region suffering from population shrinking.

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