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FAQ - Products

We have chosen the Avis Vérifiés solution to put forward your opinions on our services and our products in all transparency. 10 days after receiving your order, you will receive an email from Avis Vérifiés inviting you to leave a review in the form of a star rating and a comment on the product(s) you ordered on our website. These reviews will be visible on the product pages of the website.

The DLC or use-by date applies to all highly perishable pre-packaged foods such as fresh produce that may present a health hazard after a short period of time. These products are marked: "Use by...". 

As for the DDM or minimum durability date, it appears on all grocery products, canned goods or drinks. It indicates that after the indicated date the product is not expired but that its organoleptic qualities (taste, texture, etc.) can be modified. If it has been stored according to the manufacturer's recommendations, the product remains consumable. The products concerned feature the mention: "Best before...".

The vast majority of our products have a DDM and not a DLC, so they are perfectly consumable after the date indicated on the packaging if stored in optimal conditions. Their taste and texture may change with time (miso, soy sauce, etc.) 

You can find more information on the use-by dates on the public service website:

Our Japanese products have a date of minimum durability (DDM) which is often written on the product in the format: year YY / month MM / day DD. 

That's why, when you look at this inscription, it is not rare to think that the product is expired when it is not the case. The products with a short date proposed in promotion can have a short or past minimum durability date but they are in no way harmful to consumption. If you happen to have a question about the validity date of a product, do not hesitate to contact our customer service by email at or by phone on +33 (0)1 43 94 97 91.

The expiration date of a product is indicated on the product itself. It can be affixed on the French label of the product or on the container such as on the cap of a bottle. In this case the mention "see packaging" is written on the French label. Warning! Some DDM are written under the format year YY / month MM / day DD.

Our selection of artisanal products is constantly evolving and we try to offer you the best of Japanese delicatessen products. However, it may happen that, for various reasons, we choose not to import a particular product anymore. In this case, we often offer a similar product. You can keep up to date with our new products by visiting our blog or by subscribing to our newsletter.

We receive our product restocking on average once a month and the products are available on our website as soon as they arrive at our warehouse. However, this delay may be extended due to reasons beyond our control.

If the product you are interested in has been a victim of its own success, don't worry, restocking is on its way. We regularly receive containers from Japan loaded with your favorite Japanese products. Depending on the availability of the craftsperson and the import time, we do not receive all the products at the same time and some of them may be out of stock for several weeks.

In order to be notified when the Japanese product you are waiting for is back in stock, please do not hesitate to fill in your email address on the product sheet in the "notify me when the product is available" box.

We select and import, in direct relation with more than 60 craftspersons, the best ingredients and Japanese delicatessen. We control all logistics from the artisanal production sites to our warehouse in the Paris region. Our products are imported by refrigerated container to preserve all their flavors. The origin of each product is indicated on the product sheet available on our website and on the product label.