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Kiritsuke knife multiple use Migaki 270 mm


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The Kiritsuke is a traditional multi-use knife. The blade shape is a mix of the yanagiba blade (for sashimi) and the usuba one (for vegetables). It's longer than an usuba blade and it enables to cut fish easily. It's also straighter than a yanagiba blade which is easier for cutting vegetables properly. The kiritsuke is a knife that requires a little bit of dexterity. 

Knives with a simple bevel are knives with the blade sharpened on only one side. This Japanese knives allow a nice clear cut because the blade does not crush the flesh but separate it nicely. Cutting with a simple bevel knife require practice. 

The material used for the blades is a mix of steel and iron. It means that the blades require special care in order to keep them in a good condition and avoid rust. The blades must be well dried after use. They also must be sharpened with water whetstone available on our website.

Blade length : 270 mm

Sharpener : Tahara Shunichi

White steel «Shiro Sango» : it's a steel with less carbon, easier to sharpen because it's more flexible.

HRC hardness : 64-65, a blade of amazing quality, the edge is extremely sharp and make a precise and clear cut without tearing the flesh.

«Migaki» polished steel finish

Rond handle

Water buffalo horn ferrule

Monsieur Tahara, sharpener master

The knife passion started a 100 years ago in the Tahara family with Mr Tahara's grandfather. For more than 50 years M. Tahara has been working the traditional Japanese knife. He sharpens and puts together blades forged by hand by others craftsmen of the same town, Sakai (Osaka). His large experience of sharpening gave him an amazing sensibility and a exceptional savoir-faire. Mr Tahara is well-known by the profession as a sharpen master and he was recognized as a Master of traditional crafts for knife sharpening by the Japanese government and the Osaka prefecture.

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