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Marudaizu Koikuchi Soy Sauce 18L


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Description: Marudaizu soy sauces are a category of soy sauce which are rounder, mellower with a higher umami concentration. They are produced from whole soybeans and require a longer process that results in a sauce with more subtle flavors. This kind of soy sauce is less prone to oxidation and can be stored longer than an ordinary soy sauce. 

Flavor: An authentic, umami-rich taste with a pronounced roundness and length in the mouth and a beautiful soybean aroma. 

Use: This soy sauce thick texture makes it perfect as a finishing touch, on raw fish dishes for example. It can be used as a dipping sauce for sushi and sashimi. Its mild and umami taste goes well with juices destined for red meat for example.  

Ingredients: Water (32,6%), Soybeans (non-GMO) (31,7%), Wheat (18,7%), Salt (17,0%)

Allergens: Soybean, wheat

Preservation: Store in a cool and dry place, away from light. Keep refrigerated after opening.

Origin: Japan

Shelf life: 24 months

Container: Plastic bottle

This soy sauce has been fermented for 8 months. Also available in 1,8L (reference 335)

Nakaroku is a soy sauce and tamari company established in 1920 and has received many awards in national competitions. Nakaroku combines traditional techniques and modern technology to produce its sauces. Since its foundation, Nakaroku has been striving to keep the tradition alive through the transmission of its know-how (development of yeasts according to the seasons, creation of taste and smell, or observation of fermentation). It has a well-established reputation in this competitive sector and exports to more than 15 countries. In addition to introducing the subtleties of the different varieties of soy sauces, Nakaroku is seriously involved in the health safety issues related to their activity. It is also one of the first companies whose efforts in this field have been recognized by a dedicated certification.

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