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Sliced kombu with soy sauce 50g


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Description : Kombu wide leaves are finely sliced then cooked in soy sauce, without any additive. Afterwards, they are dried. The variety of kombu used is wild Ma Kombu. Considered as «king of kombu», Ma Kombu is picked in the South East of Hokkaido. In the past, Ma Kombu was used as an offering. It’s a kombu with a particularly thick and soft flesh, that gives very rich clear broth. 

Flavor : A strong flavor, very umami, enhanced by soy sauce, a firm texture.

Use : Sliced kombu with soy sauce are delicious with white or fried rice, in onigiri, in ochazuke or on top of your dishes such as pastas for example.

Ingredients : Soy sauce (71,4%), Kombu (28,6%).

Preservation : Keep in a cool dry place away from light. 

Origin : Japan

Shelf life : 18 months

Container : Sachet 

​​Founded in 1960, Naniwa Kombu works with kombu to offer a wide variety of products derived from this seaweed without additives, preservatives or any other chemical seasoning. The kombu is matured for more than 3 years in warehouses with carefully controlled temperatures and humidity. Faced with limited production and skyrocketing prices, the company is seeking to expand the cultivation of good kombu to spread a true umami taste in Japan and around the world. To this end, Naniwa Kombu has developed its own brand "Tsuku-shin" and directly operates two stores dedicated to selling their products.

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