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20 years old black Mirin 180ml (14% vol.)


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Description : Originally, mirin was a sweet sake that was consumed during religious rituals. Nowadays it is used for cooking to balance out the tartness and sourness of a dish. This outstanding mirin matured for 20 years. As time went by, sugar and amino acids from rice, one of the main ingredients of the mirin, combined to give the mirin a powerful and sweet flavor that reminds of black sugar. This mirin is more full-bodied and has a more complex flavor than a traditional mirin while not having its usual alcoholic taste.

Flavor : This rich mirin is characterized by a powerful and sweet flavor and a syrupy texture that reminds of black sugar and its liquorice touch. Despite its alcohol content, this mirin does not taste like alcohol at all.

Use : Black mirin is traditionally used as a final touch on warabimochi or kuzukiri to enhance the flavor but also to make desserts such as ice cream or mousse. It can also be used in a cocktail or homemade chocolate. Black mirin can also be used in savory preparation such as kabayaki-style eels, boiled meat dishes, dressing sauce for coleslaw or stir-fried shellfish. This high quality product is best used as a final touch.

Ingredients : Rice, water, alcohol, koji

Preservation : Keep away from light.

Origin : Japan

Shelf life : 18 months

Container : Glass bottle

Since its creation in 1862, Kankyo Shuzo brews its own Mirin and produces its own sake, made from high quality homegrown sticky rice, since 1954. Specialized in fermented products, the company also uses rice and malt in its fermentation process and to produce Amazake, a beverage made from fermented rice. Opposed to the addition of chemical seasonings, preservatives and food coloring, the company regularly publishes information on its production as a part of their transparency approach to customers. 

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