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Miso with Sesame 160 g


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Description: Miso is a fermented salty bean paste, which constitutes the base of Japanese cuisine.

Flavor: The deep flavor of miso, rich in umami, paired with sesame.

Use: It can be used in sauce or marinades and can accompany meats.

Ingredients: Miso mix (rice miso, barley miso) (53,75%), Sweeteners (sugar, glucose-fructose syrup) (33,55%), Sesame (4,74%), Sesame oil (3.48%), Soy sauce (2,3%), Alcohol (1,96%), Kombu extract (0,15%), Hydrolyzed vegetable protein (0,07%) 

Allergens: Wheat, barley, soybean, sesame

Preservation: Store in a cool, dry place, away from light, refrigerate after opening. 

Origin: Japan

Shelf life: 1 year

Container: Plastic tube

As its name suggests, Tsurumiso is a miso-producing company located in the small town of Yanagawa in Fukuoka County (Kyushu Island). Yanagawa is a pretty little town crossed by a multitude of canals that can be traveled on small boats.
The historic Tsurumiso headquarters, existing since 1870, is housed in an old red brick building bordering one of the branches of the Yanagawa canals network.

Tsurumiso produces all the traditional miso range, but has also developed a range of innovative products: yuzu miso, garlic miso, sesame miso, miso mayonnaise... 

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