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Inaniwa udon - Premium wheat noodles 200g


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Description : Inaniwa udon noodles are high quality noodles, originally from the Inaniwa district of the Akita prefecture. These udon, whose recipe dates back to 1665, are produced with Japanese wheat and water from Mt. Kurikoma. The traditional making process involves a longer time of rest of the dough as well as hand-kneading. It stimulates the creation of air bubbles that give the udon more elasticity. Therefore the Inaniwa noodles are thinner and smoother with a particularly nice soft texture.

Use : Boil water and let the noodles cook for 3 min. Then drain. Udon are usually eaten in Japanese classic meals with broth made of soy sauce, dashi or miso. They can also be used in European meals such as pasta with carbonara sauce or cooked cold to make salads.

Ingredients : Wheat flour (93,5%), Salt (5,4%), Water (1,1%), Potato starch (0%)

Preservation : Keep at room temperature, away from sunlight

Storage conditions after opening : Close well and keep away from light.

Origin : Japan

Shelf life : 25 months 

Container : Plastic and paper bag

Inaniwa udon are from the city of Inaniwa, in the prefecture of Akita and their history dates back to 1665. These high-quality udon noodles were reserved for feudal emperors in the Edo era. Udon OGAWA, founded in 1982, is committed to producing Inaniwa udon noodles in accordance with tradition. Its actual president, Nobuo Ogawa, perfected the technique of making noodles by spreading it over 4 days, instead of the usual three days, extending the settle time of the dough. This traditional process does not involve any machine and results from a unique savoir-faire. The singular drying method allows to preserve the whiteness of the noodles, comparable to the one of the snow. Everything is done by expert hands, who work with simple, natural and local ingredients. The company is certified JAS (Japan Agricultural Standards), which specifies that the raw materials and manufacturing methods fit to organic agricultural standards. The company focuses on quality and hygiene.

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