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  • Jus de Pomme 100% 280ml

    Apple Juice 100% 280ml

    It is a 100% Apple Juice from apple gathered in Japan northern region. 

    3,50 €

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  • Yuzu Salt 38g

    Yuzu Salt 38g

    Description : This yuzu salt is made from salty water extracted from a salt quarry that is several millions years old. The salt becomes really sweet and completes perfectly the...

    10,00 €

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  • Chasen-Matcha Whisk for mugs

    Chasen-Matcha Whisk for mugs

    Description : The chasen is a small bamboo whisk essential in the preparation of matcha powdered tea.

    27,00 €

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  • Saké hakuko Junmai yodanjikomi label rouge 1800 ml (15,5°)

    Sake Hakuko Junmai Yodanjikomi red label 1800...

    Description : This sake comes from Hiroshima prefecture. It is a « junmai » sake, which means the acohol was only produced using fermentation. The polishing of rice grains (70%...

    70,30 €

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  • Charbon Binchotan Binmaru (12cm) 1 morceau

    Binchotan Charcoal Binmaru 12cm 1 piece

    Description : The binchotan is a metal look-alike very thick vegetal charcoal made from ubamegashi oak. The use of vegetal charcoal dates back to Antiquity where it was already...

    5,90 €


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  • Shio Ponzu - Ponzu Blanc - 360 ml

    Shio ponzu - White Ponzu - 360 m

    Description : The ponzu is a popular and widespread sauce in Japan. Its taste is very much appreciated; it is both fresh and deep and rich in umami. Unlike regular ponzu sauces...

    11,80 €

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  • Sirop de sucre noir d'Okinawa - 280g

    Okinawa black sugar sirup - 280g

    Description : Black sugar sirup is made from sugar cane only. It does not contain industrial sirup or honey. The black sugar sirup smooth texture is due to the great quantity of...

    9,30 €

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