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Edible gold leaf flakes


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Description : Thin and volatile, these light gold leaf flakes are easy to sprinkle and will be perfect for adding a touch of glitz to your most sophisticated culinary creations.

Use : This jar of edible gold leaf flakes closes easily to help you add a spectacular touch to your dishes. These flakes are perfect for a chocolate dessert, for example, providing an interesting visual contrast when assembling.

Ingredients : Silver, gold

Preservation : Close tightly after opening. Flakes are very volatile. 

Origin : Japan

Container : Card stock jar

Kinpakuya Sakuda was founded in 1919 by a gold craftsman with the ambition of passing on the craftsmanship of Kanazawa City. Kanazawa produces almost all the gold leaf in the country and today, Kinpakuya Sakuda uses gold leaf in many fields: cosmetics, architecture, handicrafts and of course food products!

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