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Pure rice vinegar "Uchibori" 500ml


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Description: This rice vinegar is produced in the same way as junmai sake, only from rice and rice koji. As in the making of sake, a first alcoholic fermentation takes place during which the sugar produced by the rice starch is converted into alcohol. Then, thanks to acetic acid, the solution ferments a second time to increase the acidity, decrease the alcohol and finally reach a rice vinegar with a deep and rich umami taste. 

Flavor: A golden yellow color and a frank acidity combining with a very rich umami flavor due to the rice koji.

Use: Pure rice vinegar replaces cider vinegar in daily use to season raw vegetables in particular but also to marinate fish or vegetables and even to make kombu pickles for example. In a broth or a soup, associated with ginger, it will bring freshness and lightness.

Ingredients: Water (77%), rice (23%)

Preservation: Store in a cool and dry place, away from light. Keep refrigerated and consume quickly after opening.

Origin: Japan

Shelf life : -

Container: Glass bottle (Cap : PE)

Mainly located in Chubu, Gifu and Nagano prefectures, Uchibori has been producing vinegar since 1876. For Uchibori, the production of quality vinegar begins with the brewing of sake. Indeed, vinegar is made by fermenting alcohol where, as in sake, the koji ferment is a key ingredient. Uchibori also makes every effort to develop the good acetic acid bacteria needed to ferment alcohol into vinegar. For this purpose, the company's factories are located in the middle of nature to benefit from very pure water and excellent air quality. This attention to detail in all stages of production allows them to produce vinegars of excellent quality, notably appreciated by prestigious hotels in Japan.

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