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Masago Arare - Fine rice crackers 300g


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Description : Arare are crispy rice crackers. These ones are made without GMO and they are gluten free. These arare were made to be as tiny and crispy as possible. That is why they are called "masago" which means "thin sand" in Japanese. 

Caution : The optimum use-by date of this product is displayed in Year/Month/Day.

Flavor : The tiny rice crackers are very crunchy.

Use : Arare are used to bring texture. In Japan they are combined with tempura coating or in ochazuke and miso soup. Arare will bring crunchy to your breaded fried chicken, salmon but also to your california rolls ! You can sparkle them on salad, broth, pasta, etc. Arare will also beautify and ass texture to chocolate, fruit skewers, cakes and mousses. 

Ingredients : Rice powder (99,8%), emulsifier (E473)(0,2%)

Preservation : Keep away from sunlight, heat and moisture. Consume soon after opening. 

Origin : Japan 

Shelf life : 2 years

Container : Aluminium sachet with zip

Azuma Foods was created in 1966, in Yokkaichi, Mie prefecture. Aware of the ever evolving needs of its clients, Azuma Foods strives to produce, not only tasty and healthy but also high quality and innovative products, always respecting traditions to preserve the authentic taste of Japanese cuisine.
The company attaches a great importance to respecting the environment and to ensuring the safety of its production process, guaranteeing tasty products that combine flavor, color and traditions. Azuma Foods objective is to bring happiness to each client from all over the world throughout the diversity of its products. Firmly established in various parts of the world, Azuma Foods spreads Japanese food culture on tables all over the world and goes through Umami to spread this rich culture on French plates.


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