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Sake Ryusei Junmai Daiginjo Black Label 720ml (17% VOL.)


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Description : It is a high quality « junmai » sake, which means the alcohol was only produced using fermentation. Moreover, it is a « Daiginjo »: grains of rice have been polished to the point that only 50% of the grain is left. 

Alcohol by volume : 17°

Appearance : Sake junmai daiginjo with a light yellow color and green reflections. A medium clearness with fluid and irregular tears.

Nose : The first nose is fascinating, it is the sign of a top of the range products. This cuvée is complex and precise. We can feel aromas of fresh pineapple, lime and lemon zests.

Mouth : Delicate and lacy mouth feel, with a generous quantity of residual sugars, passed on by an acidulous tension, some saltiness and glycerol wrap. It is an efficient combinaison highlighted by a great mineral feeling. The umami flavor is really present.

Finish : The retro-olfaction is flavorful and the finish balanced, with remaining note of cereal.

Pairing : Ideal with raw fish (sashimi, tartare), sushis, scallop with shallot, dried tomato and bonito crisps and also desserts and even some types of cheese.

Serving temperature : It can be enjoyed at best cooled(15°) 

Ingredients : Rice (Yamada-nishiki), koji, water.

Preservation : Store in a cool, dark and dry place. 

Origin : Japan

Container : Glass bottle

Excessive drinking is dangerous for the health, alcoholic beverages should be consumed with moderation. Expecting mothers should not consume alcoholic beverages.

The sale of alcohol to minors is prohibited.
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Fujii Shuzo sake house, located in the small town of Takehara (Hiroshima department), was founded in 1863. It is nicknamed Takehara Kyoto for its picturesque scenery.
At the first national sake competition held in Japan in 1907, Fujii Shuzo won the first place. The Master of production, Masao FUJII, continues to use the ancient techniques bequeathed by his predecessors, while using modern techniques to develop best sakes.

It is possible to visit the producer in Takehara, without reservation for sake tasting. 

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