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Sake Akishika Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu Yamadanishiki 720ml (18°)


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Description : Akishika only produces junmai sake, a sake brewed without adding any alcohol. They use a rice variety that they grow locally to produce a strong acidity sake which lets richer aromas take over at the end of the mouth. Akishika is the company’s flagship sake, brewed following yamahai and kimoto. These methods require a lot of time and effort but give more intense umami flavors. This sake is called a "nama" sake, which means that in order to preserve its aromas vividness, this sake has not been pasteurized. In addition, it is a "genshu", a sake where water is not added after the pressing process. That is why it has a higher alcohol content.  

Alcohol by volume : 18°

Appearance: The sake is transparent and shiny. It has a very light straw color.

Nose: The first nose is discreet with light aromatic notes of rice, lemon zest and mushroom. The whole seems soft, velvety with also flowers like gardenia.The second nose is all about pineapple, apple and notes of yeast but we can still smell a little bit the alcohol.

Mouth: The attack is velvety, almost oily. We feel the discreet ginjō-ka (fruity aromas produced by the polished rice) little by little with apple, anise but also notes of pineapple. Then in the mid palate, bitterness appears as well as lots of spices such as pepper and then mushrooms. 

Finish: The notes of rice end the tasting with persistent touches of light soy sauce and a floral side.

Pairing: Japanese dishes such as udon, tempura, a chawanmushi with shrimps but also seafood or even a leg of lamb with herbs. 

Service temperature: Fresh (5°)

Ingredients : Rice, koji, water

Preservation : Store in a cool, dry place, away from light. This sake is a namazake, which means that it is not pasteurized. Therefore, it is preferable to keep it in a cool place and to consume it quickly after opening in order to avoid any alteration of taste.

Origin : Japan

Container : Glass bottle

Excessive drinking is dangerous for the health, alcoholic beverages should be consumed with moderation. Expecting mothers should not consume alcoholic beverages.

The sale of alcohol to minors is prohibited.
By placing an order on this website, you certify to be of the legal age and legally competent to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Akishika Brewery was founded in 1886, in the city of Nose in the north of Osaka region. It produces only junmai sake, i.e. without the addition of alcohol, with the yamada nishiki variety grown by the brewery itself, a short-grain rice that absorbs water and dissolves easily, ideal for sake. This rice is grown without pesticides, thanks to the rice bran and the dregs of the sake that remain after its production. 

Akishika sake draws its strength from its strong acidity, which initially gives way to rich flavors while reappearing at the end of the mouth (usually a sweeter, more viscous aftertaste is expected). It is this harmony between acidity and the sweetness of the rice that has won the hearts of Akishika lovers. 

There are two main lines of sake at Akishika:

-Akishika, named after its producer, is the house's flagship sake, brewed according to the yamahai and kimoto methods which require more time and effort but allow for a more intense umami;

-Okushika is a range of sakes aged for a longer period of time, with a round and rich taste.

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