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Sparkling junmai sake "Shuwa Shuwa" 250ml (5,5% Vol.)


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Description: "Shuwa Shuwa" is a Japanese onomatopoeia that refers to the sound of bubbles. This sparkling sake is a junmai variety brewed with 70% polished rice. Following the initial fermentation, the sake undergoes a second fermentation immediately after being bottled, similar to the method used to produce champagne. This allows the yeast to continue its work and produce more carbon dioxide, responsible for the natural effervescence of this sake.

Alcohol by volume: 5,5%

Appearance : The foam is intense and has a beautiful bright white color. The bubbles are numerous and dynamic. The sake is pearl-colored, slightly cloudy and shiny.

Nose : The nose is fresh with coconut water, peach and icy mint (after eight type). It is round, delicate and very appreciable when served chilled. The whole is light and delicate. The sake opens up little by little, always on the freshness, with touches of verbena, cooked rice and pineapple.

Mouth : The mouth is like the nose: fresh. The attack is sweet with a slightly tangy side. It is a nice sake, light, easy to drink and perfect for summer time. There are notes of cooked rice, apple but also flower like syringa, especially in the finish. The bubbles are present and add even more freshness.

Pairing : Simply as an aperitif with a cheese/cold meats/crunchy vegetables platter, a herb omelette or a white tuna tataki with a tangy passion fruit sauce.

Serving temperature: Cold 

Ingredients : Water, rice, koji.

Preservation : Keep in a cool place, away from sunlight. Consume soon after opening.

Origin : Japan 

Container : Glass bottle

Excessive drinking is dangerous for the health, alcoholic beverages should be consumed with moderation. Expecting mothers should not consume alcoholic beverages.

The sale of alcohol to minors is prohibited.
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Kamikokoro Brewery was founded by Chojuro Fuji more than one century ago, in 1913. The brewery was founded in Asakuchi, Okayama and is now led by the fifth generation of brewers. Kamikokoro brewery has been making sake with one goal in mind : brewing high quality sake that preserves the umami flavor of rice. To achieve this goal, the brewery developed a production process that includes a rice polishing machine that can polish 60kg of rice at once. The Kamikokoro staff are consumers before being brewers. Therefore, as consumers, they only produce healthy and flavorful products that they would want to enjoy with their family. Discover the flavor of Okayama rice in the flavorful sakes made by Kamikokoro Shuzou.

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