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Sansho marinated in soy sauce 30g


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Description: This sansho pepper produced in Tanba City, Hyogo Prefecture, has been cooked with soy sauce before being dried to produce a spice with a fresh, spicy aroma and a nice umami that can be used as a condiment. 

Flavor: The lemony, pungent fragrance of sansho berries combines with soy sauce to produce a rounder, umami-laden spice with a mellow texture.

Use: These sansho berries can be used whole to season a soup, broth or marinade, or, crushed in a pepper mill, to season all kinds of dishes (black cod, fried pork, sautéed mushrooms etc.) and give them freshness, spiciness and depth.

Ingredients: Sansho berries (sansho, salt) (75%), soy sauce (defatted soybean, salt, wheat, soybean) (25%)

Preservation: Keep refrigerated and consume soon after opening.

Origin: Japan

Shelf life: 18 months

Container: aluminium bag

​​Founded in 1960, Naniwa Kombu works with kombu to offer a wide variety of products derived from this seaweed without additives, preservatives or any other chemical seasoning. The kombu is matured for more than 3 years in warehouses with carefully controlled temperatures and humidity. Faced with limited production and skyrocketing prices, the company is seeking to expand the cultivation of good kombu to spread a true umami taste in Japan and around the world. To this end, Naniwa Kombu has developed its own brand "Tsuku-shin" and directly operates two stores dedicated to selling their products.

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