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Kimchi base spicy sauce 450g


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Description: Kimchi is a Korean condiment made from hot fermented cabbage. This kimchi base combines the sharp spiciness of red pepper and the sweetness of paprika with the iodine and umami aroma of bonito. Thanks to the antibacterial properties of garlic, it has been made without heating and preservatives to maintain the umami of its various ingredients. Rich in fruits and vegetables (apple, mikan, garlic, ginger, etc.), it has a strong umami, fruity and iodized notes that make it an ideal seasoning sauce.

Flavor: A subtle and long lasting spicy taste, nice umami, iodized notes and a great garlic taste.

Use: For an express kimchi, count one tablespoon for 200g of Chinese cabbage and a little bit of salt. Salt the cabbage and let it rest for about ten minutes. After washing it, mix the sauce with the cabbage and let it rest for fifteen minutes. This kimchi base can be used on its own as a sriracha sauce, combined with mayonnaise to accompany tuna and shrimp, to season a seafood soup or to marinate red tuna for example. 

Ingredients: Water (30,4%), Glucose-fructose syrup (13%), Salt (12%), Garlic (9%), Apple pulp (8%), Flavour enhancers (E621, E631) (7,1%), Brewed vinegar (7%), Mikan pulp (5%), Paprika (2%), Pickled vegetables (Scallion, Chinese cabbage, Salt, Acidulant (E260)) (1,5%), Red pepper (1,5%), Dried skipjack tuna (1%), Hydrolyzed soy protein (0,7%), Vegetable extract (Onion, Carrot, Cabbage, Dextrin, Salt) (0,6%), Acidulant (E330) (0,4%), Ginger (0,3%), Stabilizer (E415) (0,2%), Fish sauce (Anchovy, Salt, Sugar) (0,1%), Kombu (0,1%), Rapeseed oil (0,05%), Colouring agent (E160c) (0,05%) 

Allergens: Soybean, skipjack tuna, anchovy

Preservation: Close the lid tightly and keep in the fridge standing upright, consume quickly.   

Origin: Japan

Shelf life: 24 months

Container: Glass jar

Founded in 1920, the company Momoya, based in Tokyo, produces many condiments that they consider essential for Japanese tables. Among them, we find the "Gohandesuyo" tsukudani, the flagship product of their range, but also menma (bamboo shoots) or a base for kimchi. The quality of the raw materials used by Momoya to make their products is scrupulously studied. Despite its significant size, Momoya always brings the same care to the quality of its products. On this basis, the company lets its products ferment for at least a year, compared to a few months on average.

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