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Kizami Nori - Shredded Nori 0.5mm 50g


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Description: These Nori filaments can be used to decorate dishes while giving a good taste of nori algae.

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Ingredient: Dried nori (100%).

Preservation: Store in a cool, dry place, away from light.

Origin: Japan

Shelf life 2 years 

Container: Plastic sache

The Marutaka company, based in Hiroshima, is specialized in the production of nori algae and derived products. The nori algae, well known worldwide thanks to maki sushis, can be enjoyed in a new way. Marutaka supplies us traditional nori leaves for maki preparation, but also rarely consumed in France products : nori chips ! Crispy nori can be snacked at the aperitif time. Nori chips with wasabi, ume (Japanese plum) or oysters are very popular. We also offer nori in chips for soups. 

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