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Tsukudani of premium kombu 85g


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Description : Tsukudani is a cooking method where some ingredients like kombu are simmered in soy sauce, mirin and sugar. 3 days are needed to prepare this premium kombu tsukudani. First, Hokkaido Ma Kombu leaves are sunken one day in the soy sauce and the others ingredients. Once saturated, the leaves are cooked slowly on low heat and then let to rest in order for their flavor to develop. Finally, the kombu leaves are hand cut in equal little squares of 4x3,5cm. To make this tsukudani, the producer uses the heart of Ma Kombu leaves. It’s a thick part where they can make smooth equal square pieces.

Flavor : A flavor very rich in umami, sweet, natural, without any additive. It has a smooth and soft texture. 

Use : Traditionally used in top of the range Japanese cuisine such as kaiseki and osechi, these tsukudani bites can be used as they are or sliced, on top of your dishes of fish, rice, etc.

Ingredients : Sake (30,2%), soy sauce (25,1%), kombu (16,8%), sugar (16,8%), mirin (9,1%), vinegar (2%).

Allergens : Wheat, soybean

Preservation : Keep in a cool, dry place, away from list. Refrigerate after opening and consume soon.

Origin : Japan

Shelf life : 18 months

Container : Sachet

​​Founded in 1960, Naniwa Kombu works with kombu to offer a wide variety of products derived from this seaweed without additives, preservatives or any other chemical seasoning. The kombu is matured for more than 3 years in warehouses with carefully controlled temperatures and humidity. Faced with limited production and skyrocketing prices, the company is seeking to expand the cultivation of good kombu to spread a true umami taste in Japan and around the world. To this end, Naniwa Kombu has developed its own brand "Tsuku-shin" and directly operates two stores dedicated to selling their products.

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