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Nori jam "tsukudani" with sansho 80g


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Description : Tsukudani is a cooking method in which ingredients are simmered in a mixture of soy sauce, sugar and mirin. Here, Naniwa Kombu takes the approach of offering a spicy and invigorating nori seaweed tsukudani with the addition of sansho, a lemony-scented berry with a spicy and anaesthetic character. 

Flavor : Rich in umami and produced without additives, this tsukudani blends the umami of soy sauce with the lemony, spicy notes of sansho without overpowering it.

Use : Traditionally used in high-end kaiseki and osechi cuisine, this tsukudani has a jelly-like texture to add a finishing touch to rice dishes, fish, etc. or to be easily incorporated into a sauce or marinade. 

Ingredients : Dashi (Japanese broth) of kombu (23,2%), soy sauce (defatted soybean, salt (18,6%), wheat, soybean), sake (18,6%), nori seaweed (11,6%), mirin (rice, koji, rice shochu) (9,3%), reduced starch syrup (9,3%), sugar (4,7%), sansho berries (sansho, salt) (4,7%)

Allergens: Soybean, wheat

Preservation : Store in a cool place, away from light, heat and humidity.

Origin : Japan

Shelf life : 18 months

Container : Glass jar

Founded in 1960, Naniwa Kombu works with kombu to offer a wide variety of products derived from this seaweed without additives, preservatives or any other chemical seasoning. The kombu is matured for more than 3 years in warehouses with carefully controlled temperatures and humidity. Faced with limited production and skyrocketing prices, the company is seeking to expand the cultivation of good kombu to spread a true umami taste in Japan and around the world. To this end, Naniwa Kombu has developed its own brand "Tsuku-shin" and directly operates two stores dedicated to selling their products.

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