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Concentrated Shiso Syrup 300ml


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Description: The shiso is a Japanese herb from the same species than mint. It is often known as Japanese basil. In Japan, shiso is used in cooking for example with sashimi but also as a natural medecine because it has a lot of medicinal properties.

Flavor: Sweet and spicy, with notes of cinnamon and coriander. 

Use: You can drink this sirup water down with 4-5 volume of fresh water. It goes also very well with alcohol such as beer, shochu or cider. You can add it to your smoothies and pastries (jellys, ganache, granita, bavaroise, cream), put some on top of yogurt or icecream. Mix it with a little bit of olive oil to create a dressing perfect to go with octopus carpaccio. 

Ingredients: Water (68,2%) Sugar (21%), Shiso (9%), Citric Acid (E330) (1,8%)  

Preservation: Store in a cool, dry place, away from light, in the fridge after opening.

Origin: Japan

Shelf life: 2 years

Container: Gloss bottle

Tonami Shoyu has been producing condiments and more specifically soy sauce since 1935 in Shogawa. This city is crossed by the Sho river and is well-known for its hot-springs and calcium rich water. Upon its establishment, preserving the region’s ancestral flavors, especially the soy sauce flavor was the main concern of Tonami Shoyu. Toyama’s soy sauce is known for being slightly sweeter than conventional Japanese soy sauce. On top of this preoccupation, the company attaches high importance to the making of umami-rich and healthy products. To do so, Tonami Shoyu uses locally produced ingredients such as soy as well as ingredients produced in Japan, such as wheat. Discover the authentic flavors of Toyama throughout Tonami Shoyu products !

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