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Shiitake soy sauce 150ml


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Description: This is a sauce with a soy sauce base mixed with a shiitake and kombu seaweed soup stock. On top of being suitable for vegetarians, it was made with rare sugar, a natural sugar that is lower in calorie content. This amakuchi soy sauce is ideal to season any dish and add a touch of sweetness combined to the umami flavor of soy sauce and shiitake soup stock.

Flavor: This light and sweet soy sauce combines the deep and rich flavor of shiitake to the umami flavor of soy sauce and its flavor is softened by sugar.

Use: This sauce will replace your usual soy sauce and will be perfectly incorporated into marinades, sauces and stews such as pork belly glazed with shiitake soy sauce and honey or paired with grilled fish. It can be used to make a broth base or soup stock such as to make a noodle broth or used to make fried rice or season pasta.

Ingredients: Water (41,07%), Soy sauce (Defatted soybean, Wheat, Salt) (18,04%), Sugar (14,42%), Salt (7,15%), Glucose-fructose syrup (6,44%), Soybean protein hydrolysate (4,12%), Alcohol (3,55%), Shiitake extract (Shiitake extract, Starch hydrolysate, Salt, Sugar) (2,06%), Shiitake extract powder (Dextrin, Shiitake extract) (1,44%), Mushroom extract (Mushroom, Salt, Antioxidant (E300)) (1,14%), Kombu extract (Kombu extract, Hydrogenated starch hydrolisate, Salt, Yeast extract, Alcohol, Thickener (E415)) (0,5%), Enokimushroom powder (0,07%).

Allergens: Wheat, soybean

Preservation: Keep in a cool dry place, away from light.

Origin: Japan

Shelf life: 18 months

Container: Glass bottle

This soy sauce has been fermented for 6 months.

Yamagen Jouzou was founded almost 3 centuries ago, in 1772 in Takaoka, located in Toyama prefecture and more precisely in the town of Yokota. Its activity started with koji production, an ingredient used on many fermented products of Japanese cuisine and which consumption significantly increased in recent years in the West. Fermented foods are viewed as the longevity secret of Japanese people and koji, used to ferment food, requires particular climate conditions that are all met in Toyama prefecture. Thanks to snow-melt, there is an abundance of underground water and the humidity rate remains stable throughout the year, which results in the production of high quality rice in the region. Furthermore, with more than 240 years of activities, Yamagen takes pride in the ancestral skills that are passed on from generation to generation. Nowadays, the company offers a wide range of fermented products made with koji such as shiitake soy sauce, to spread its benefits all around the world and perpetuate this Japanese culinary tradition.

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