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“Moromi no shizuku” seasoning soy salt 20g


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Description : Marudaizu Moromi no shizuku soy sauce was made by Naogen with whole soybeans, in keeping with the soy sauce typical of Kanazawa. This soy sauce was crystallized to make soy sauce flakes that are full of flavor and easy to use.

Flavor : The umami rich flavor of Marudaizu Moromi no shizuku soy sauce. This flakes are finely salty, with roasted notes that reminds of chocolate or coffee.

Use : Soy sauce flakes can be used as a condiment to add flavor to a steak, stir fried vegetables or add texture and flavor to onigiri. These soy sauce flakes go very well with vanilla ice cream ! Use it in a sauce to add the umami touch of soy sauce without diluting it.

Ingredients : Soy, wheat, salt, thickener (E415)

Preservation : Keep at room temperature, away from light.

Origin : Japan

Shelf life : 1 year

Container : Glass bottle

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