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Kai Tea Garden black tea 30g


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Description : Tea leaves cultivated in the suitable climate of Takachiho are set to rest overnight after the harvest. They are then lightly rubbed before being set aside for fermentation. It will result in a really fragrant and unique tea. “Takachiho Black Tea Benifuki” is a high quality tea that can be listed as one of the best Japanese black tea. It is produced and sold only once a year.

Flavor : Takachiho black tea offers a distinctive flavor that is pure and fragrant, with a deep and elegant mellowness that pervades the mouth over time.

Way of use : 2-3g Infusing time 1mn30-2min water temperature : 100°C Second infusion : 1 minutes 30 Infuse a bigger amount tea and mix it to milk to enjoy a milk tea.

Ingredients : Fermented tea leaves

Preservation : Keep away from heat and humidity. Seal well after opening and consume soon.

Origin : Japan

Shelf life : 2 years

Container : Doypack

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