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Yuki’s Spicy Ginger Syrup 120ml


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Description : This spicy ginger syrup was made from brown sugar, known for its intense flavor, cultivated on Hateruma island, ginger from Ishigaki island and Pipatsu pepper. This pepper was discovered in Southeast Asia and its flavor evokes cinnamon, star anise and sansho pepper. It goes very well with brown sugar cane, which is one of the ingredients of this syrup. Ginger strenghtens metabolism and immune system while brown sugar cane helps to relieve tiredness. It is rich in minerals, potassium and vitamins.

Flavor : The exotic flavor of ginger paired with a refreshing spiciness.

Use : Dilute a volume of syrup for 8 volumes of water for a ginger drink with hot water, sparkling water, hot milk (soy milk), beer or wine. Use it as a syrup mixed with yogurt or on a crepe (french pancake). Use it instead of sugar or mirin in sauces, in nikujaga (potatoes and meat based stew), curry or meat based dishes.

Ingredients : Brown sugar (75%), ginger (24,6%), lemongrass, red pepper, long pepper (Piper Retrofractum)

Preservation : Keep at room temperature. Keep refrigerated after opening.

Origin : Japan

Shelf life : 1 year

Container : Glass bottle

BBD : 22/09/2022 - Good for consumption after this date

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