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Salted ume plum vinegar 500ml


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Description : This salted ume plum vinegar is made from salted ume. The plums are Kishu Nanko, a premium variety. Only well ripe plums, that have fallen from the tree, are used. This vinegar contains the fruits vitamins and minerals. The citric acid it contains help tenderize meat when used in marinade. 

Flavor : Un A fruity flavor of plum and a great balance between the acidity and the saltiness of the fruits.

Use : Salted ume plum vinegar is perfect to marinate meat and fish : the citric acid it contains will tenderize meat and soften bad smells. This vinegar is delicious added to garlic to marinate chicken and make a juicy karaage fried chicken. It can also be used to season salads and other type of dishes in replacement of salt.

Ingredients : Ume plum (80%), Salt.

Preservation : Keep at room temperature.

Origin : Japan

Shelf life : 730 days 

Container : Plastic bottle

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