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Green Tea Sencha smoked with Japanese cypress Hinoki 80g -35%

Green Tea Sencha smoked with Japanese cypress Hinoki 80g


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Description : In order to make this smoked tea, Yabukita tea trees are cultivated in the pure Japanese tradition according to the «chagusaba» method. In this method, grass is used as a mulch to protect and flavor tea leaves. The sencha tea is then smoked with Hinoki cypress chips which give the tea a powerful woody aroma. It is a hard work of balance in order to create flavored tea without any additive, only with smoking. 

Flavor : A subtle mix between the flavor of Japanese green tea and the delicate cypress wood smoked notes.

Instructions : Prefer a cold infusion or at 70°C max. Add 3g for 150ml of water at 70°C - Brewing time : 1 minute 30 / For a cold infusion : 15g for 1L - Brewing time : 2 hours.

Ingredient : Green Tea 100%.

Preservation : Keep away from heat and moisture.

Origin : Japan

Shelf life : 1 year

Container : Japanese paper sachet with aluminium inside.

BBD 09/2023 - Good for consumption after this date 

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