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Organic crispy ume plum flakes 300g


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Description : These crispy ume plum flakes are made with Kumano acid ume plums. The plums are mixed with salt and macerated 3 years in plum tree wood barrels. This long maturation reveals the flavor and the umami of the ume plums. Then they are frozen and dried before being reduced to crispy flakes.

Flavor : A great acidity highlighted by the salty and fruity flavor of the plums. 

Use : These crispy ume flakes can be used just like furikake : sprinkled on rice or added into your onigiri. In addition, ume flakes go especially well with meat. You can mix a little bit of ume flakes to your gyoza tare dressing, to your ponzu or directly sprinkle some on a pork shabu shabu or fried chicken. With their rich flavor, the crispy ume flakes are perfect to realize an incredible spice mix ! Of course, they are delicious with cheese like feta and goat cheese ! 

Ingredients : Organic ume plum (80%), salt (20%).

Preservation : Keep in a cool dry place, away from light. 

Origin : Japan

Shelf life : 3 years

Container : Aluminium bag

Also available in 50g (reference 235)

Located in Kamitonda, Wakayama Prefecture, Yasashi Umeya produces certified organic plums free of pesticides, artificial fertilizers and additives since 1940. The plums are used all year round for different purposes. Plums harvested in May are sold unaltered or used to make syrup or liquor while plums harvested in June are cleaned in the purest water and buried in a salt based preparation for approximately a year to make umeboshi. Nowadays, the fourth generation of Yasashi Umeya perpetuates traditional methods to cultivate and harvest plums as well produce high quality  umeboshi sold in Japan and all over the world.

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