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"Sameku" wasabi grater in stainless steel


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Description : This grater made of stainless steel is perfect to make a smooth paste from your wasabi root and to release all its flavors. The “Sameku” grater is made with countless jagged small blades in order to recreate the texture of shark skin traditionally used to grate wasabi. With this grater you will be able to make a smooth wasabi paste, with a hot and fresh flavor that gets up to the nose and a unique aroma developing gradually. This grater can also be used with garlic, ginger or even yuzu to realize a thin zest paste. Made of stainless steel, it is easy to use and maintain. It does not rust easily, you just have to rinse it after use.

Use : The end of the wasabi rhizome is where the oldest cells are located while the top, near the stem, is where the youngest and freshest cells are. They have a milder flavor, a brighter color and are more flavored. The central part of the wasabi rhizome is well balanced in terms of spiciness, flavor and texture. Over time, when the wasabi is grated from the root upwards, the wasabi becomes harder or even more bitter and its color lighter. We therefore advise you to grate it from the top that was attached to the leaf.

The hot flavor of wasabi wears off quickly after it has been grated as the spicy particles are very volatile. That is why the more you consume it freshly grated the stronger the spicy flavor. If you prefer a lighter spiciness and a pleasant bitterness, let it sit for a few minutes after grating it.

Material : Stainless steel

Origin : Japan

Azumino city is renowned for its wasabi production thanks to its ideal location to produce this ancestral Japanese spice, at the foothills of the Japanese Alps. Wasabi is difficult to cultivate as it requires an abundance of pure and cold water. This amount of such water can be found in the Japanese Alps, from which clean water coming from snow melt flows down the mountains deep into the ground, forming underground rivers and streams that run through the center of Nagano. Approximately 700,00 tons of water gush out every day from the foothills of Japanese Alps and are used to grow wasabi in the numerous wasabi farms in Azumino city, including Wasabiya Yuu. This family owned business created by Yuoh Matsumoto grows wasabi but also creates wasabi cream cheese. This product was invented so that Yuho Matsumoto’s wife could eat wasabi despite its spiciness and take advantage of its benefits. Indeed, wasabi is well-known for its medicinal properties and could be great for fighting against the spreading of cancerous cells. Wasabiya Yuu strives to produce and ship all over the world high quality wasabi so that more and more people can enjoy the taste and the benefits of wasabi.

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