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Fresh Azumino wasabi root Fujiya - 1 piece


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Description : Wasabi has been consumed in Japan for centuries, particularly for its anti-bacterial properties. This wasabi is cultivated in the mountainous region of Azumino, renowned for producing the best wasabi in Japan. In fact, in Azumino, 700 000 tonnes of spring water gushes out every day from the subsoil, after the snowmelt of the Japanese Alps. Clear, very rich in nutrients and at constant temperature, it allows a hydroponics culture unique to the Japan. The harsh climate of the region, with hot summers and very cold winters, favors a slow growth of wasabi, between 15 and 24 months, during which it is loaded with nutrients. It has a robust and rough appearance and a unique aromatic palette. Our producer claims to be one of the Imperial family wasabi provider !

Flavor : Once grated, it reveals a beautiful green color, a very fresh and powerful spiciness, then come the softer notes. It's this palette of flavors that makes Azumino wasabi so famous!

Use : Wasabi is known to spice up raw fish like sashimi and sushi. It also goes very well with Japanese cuisine such as "Soba" noodles, grilled eel or cold "Hiyayakko" tofu for example. But wasabi also fits very well into Western and modern cuisine, for example as an accompaniment to a beef tartare, in a wasabi oil, in an ice cream, a yuzu and wasabi pear compote, a cocktail, etc.

Way of use : The end of the wasabi rhizome is where the oldest cells are located while the top, near the stem is where the youngest and freshest cells are. They have a milder flavor, a brighter color and are more flavored. The central part of the wasabi rhizome is well balanced in terms of spiciness, flavor and texture. Over time, when the wasabi is grated from the root upwards, the wasabi becomes harder or even more bitter and its color lighter. We therefore advise you to grate it from the top that was attached to the leaf.

The hot flavor of wasabi wears off quickly after it has been grated as the spicy particles are very volatile. That is why the more you consume it freshly grated the stronger the spicy flavor. If you prefer a lighter spiciness and a pleasant bitterness, let it sit for a few minutes after grating it.

Ingredient : Fresh Azumino wasabi

Preservation : Once the sachet opened, in order not to lose freshness, gradually grate the desired amount and store your wasabi root in the refrigerator wrapped in damp absorbent paper and consume within a week.

If you don't consume all, grate your entire wasabi root and freeze it the spread into a freezer bag. You just need to defrost the desired amount little by little. When its spiciness or flavor has worn off, use it in cooking, heated to bring out its aroma.

Origin : Japan

Shelf life : 2-3 weeks

Container : Sachet with food grade gaz

Located at the foothills of Japanese Alps in Azumino city, Fujiya Wasabi Farm has been in operation since 1936. Originally established as a wasabi wholesaler, a japanese ancestral spice, the company has been cultivating since 1953 its own wasabi, renowned for its quality thanks to the rich environment wasabi is growing in. Its beautiful shape, color, taste and texture have granted several awards to Azumino’ wasabi throughout the years as very few producers can produce such a high quality wasabi in Japan. These characteristics resulting from the purity of the water used to grow wasabi in Azumino. The spring water used by Fujiya Wasabi Farm comes from the top of the Japanese Alps, where the snow melts and flows down the mountains, accumulating essential minerals on its way down, to the depths of the mountains chain from which it springs up. Fujiya Wasabi Farm uses part of the 700,000 tons of water that springs out everyday. The abundance of water and the stability of its temperature regardless of the season allow farmers to cultivate wasabi all year long and appreciate different flavors according to the time of the year. The farmers of Fujiya Wasabi take pride in the high quality wasabi they produce and nowadays, the third generation of farmers perpetuate traditional methods to which it included modern technologies to allow everyone to enjoy the taste of wasabi. Fujiya Wasabi Farm developed its own conditioning technology to preserve the freshness of wasabi up to several weeks as well as its own wasabi grater, made in stainless steel from Nagano Prefecture. Emblem of Japanese cuisine, wasabi is nowadays used in cuisine all over the world from stems to flowers. Fujiya Wasabi Farm farmers make their way onto your plates to satisfy your taste buds and stimulate your senses.

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