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Miyazaki yuzu juice 900ml


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Description: Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit with a yellow color, used for its subtle aroma and unique flavor. The fruits used in Kagura no Sato are harvested from the Shiromi mountains in Kyushu, west of Miyazaki prefecture. The mist that lingers there, believed to be a blessing from the local kami or deities, as well as the large temperature differences, contribute to the production of a high-quality yuzu that is flatter and more acidic than ordinary yuzus. To ensure its shelf-stability at room temperature, the juice is pasteurized and bottled in a dark glass container, which allows a longer preservation. 

Flavor: The juice obtained by pressing the entire peel of the fruit has a more intense and refreshing flavor. Yuzu have a complexe and unique flavor between tangerine and citron.

Use: This yuzu juice is perfect for adding a tangy touch to meat and fish dishes, salads, or even as an ingredient in a refreshing drink. Its powerful flavors, sweeter and more acidic than the ordinary, bring punch and depth to marinades, sauces and pastries: pie, sabayon, sorbet, etc. Be sure to shake delicately before use.

Ingredients: Yuzu juice 100%.

Preservation: Store in a cool and dry place, away from light, in the refrigerator after opening.

Origin: Japan

Shelf life: 18 month

Container: Glass bottle

Kagura no sato was founded in 1978, in the Shiromi Mountains of Kyushu, in the west of Miyazaki Prefecture. The region enjoys ideal climatic conditions for producing and cultivating yuzu. Indeed, the citrus fruit needs strong temperature differences to grow well. However, the humid fog that hovers in the Shiromi mountains, canonized by the locals as a divine breath, perfectly fulfills its role by making the winter temperatures peak at -7°C. Flatter, but also more acidic and sweet than ordinary yuzu, the yuzu produced by Kagura no sato follows a careful processing to produce high quality juices and other condiments.

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