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Sansho berries whole (budo type) - 13g


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Description : Cousins of Sichuan pepper, Sansho berries are known to be excellent natural preservative for meat and fish. These berries are dried in the same way as pepper.

Flavor : They are a citrus aroma with spiced pepper and subtly pepper.

Use : The whole berries can be used in soups, chicken stuffing, sauce base, or in a pepper mill to give freshness and acidity to your dishes and desserts such as fruit salad, fish, etc.

Ingredients : 100% Sanshio Pepper (Green pepper).

Preservation : Store in a cool, dry place, away from light. Properly close the zip after use. 

Origin : Japan

Shelf life : 18 months

Container : Doypack

Niyodogawa is a farmer association that makes sansho in Kochi prefecture. They joined hands to grow, process and sell sansho, a spice with an aroma combining lemongrass, pepper and mint. The sansho growing in the Kochi area is well-known for its fragrance and, to preserve its flavor and bring it to both Japan and the world, Niyodogawa’s farmers do their best to produce and process sansho in a healthy and environmentally safe way.

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