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Apart from cornstarch, there are many other type of thickener like kuzumade from the roots of the plant of the same name. It thicken sauces, soups, helps make gelée and give more crunch when combined with coating. Discover also nigari, a coagulative used to make tofu.

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  • Nigari - coagulant pour tofu - 5ml

    Nigari - coagulant for tofu - 5 ml

    Description : Jun-nigari sachet is a natural coagulant for tofu. It reacts to the proteins present in soy milk, so the soymilk used in tofu making has to be particularly rich in...

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  • Hon kuzu 5kg

    Hon kuzu 5kg

    Description : Hon kuzu is made from the roots of the plant of the same name, also known as Japanese vine. Rich in starch, kuzu roots are reduced to a fine powder to be used as a...

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  • Hon Kuzu 150g

    Hon Kuzu 150g

    Description: It comes from the roots of a plant, it is the best of all starches and is well-known for its many benefits.

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  • Komeko - Rice flour for tempura and cakes 220g

    Komeko - Rice flour for tempura and cake 220g

    Description : Rice flour is gluten free and is the perfect substitute to traditional flours. This Japanese rice flour is made of rice, a 100% cultivated in Japan. It is perfect...

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  • Mochiko - Rice flour for Mochi 300g

    Mochiko - Rice flour for mochi 300g

    Description : Mochiko is a flour made from sticky rice. This mochiko is obtained by a unique milling method, that makes it really thin and smooth. It is the must have to make...

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