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Tsurumiso marinated pork chop

Ingredients for 3-4 pork chops

This is the secret recipe of our miso producer for incredible marinades. We tasted it with pork chops and it was amazing ! 


1. Put the rice miso, marin, sugar, sake for cooking and honey in a bowl and mix. 

2. Pour in a congelation sachet and add the pork chops. Beat well and let in the fridge 1 to 3 days. The enzymes of the miso, the mirin and the sake will soften the meat and the umami it contain is going to enhance its flavor. 

3. Before cooking it, take out the meat and remove the marinade excess, don't get ride of it but set aside.  

4. For cooking, put a little bit of oil in your pan or plancha (you can also put oil in a plate for an oven cooking). Add the meat and cook according to your taste. 

5. Add a little bit of water to the rest of the marinade and heat. Let reduce to obtain a dressing sauce to go with the meat. You can add to the sauce a little bit of yuzu juice, yogurt or matcha as well !  

Bon appétit !