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Binchotan Charcoal Binmaru 12cm 1 piece


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Description : The binchotan is a metal look-alike very thick vegetal charcoal made from ubamegashi oak. The use of vegetal charcoal dates back to Antiquity where it was already known for its properties against stomach pains. It was for example used in Japan as firewood because it does not release carbon dioxide and then does not cause poisoning. 

Use : This binchotan is perfect for water filtration. Rinse it then boil it 10 min and let it dry at fresh air before first use. Then, you can put it in your teapots and water jugs, your cooking water or even your fridge to prevent bad smells. It can be used several times. Clean it once every two month by boiling it.

Ingredient : Binchotan. 

Preservation : Store in a cool dry place, away from light.




Sumi no Morisei was founded approximately 40 years ago by Mr. Morimoto in Kochi prefecture. After spending some time in Tokyo working as a salaryman, he decided to make a fresh start and go back to Muroto, his hometown and tried various activities before figuring out his life’s calling: charcoal. Sumi no Morisei produces charcoal following traditional methods that he preserved and developed over the years. Wood is manually harvested and selected before being processed into charcoal using a sustainable charcoal oven. This oven is the result of research aiming to protect the environment and reduce the workforce needed to operate the oven. Preserving nature, and more specifically mountains, which are essential for Sumi no Morisei’ activity, is at the heart of the company’s concern.To this day, the company keeps on leading research on charcoal with various universities to develop new sustainable charcoal based products. Discover on Umami’ website charcoal for barbecue but also for water purification made by Sumi no Morisei !

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