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Yuzu Salt 38g


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Description: This yuzu salt is made from salty water extracted from a salt quarry that is several millions years old. The salt becomes really sweet and completes perfectly the slight sourness of the yuzu peels.

Caution: The optimum use-by date of this product is displayed in Year/Month/Day.

Flavor: subtil floral yuzu flavor with a slight sourness from the peels and saltiness from the salt. 

Use: Traditionally this yuzu salt is used with tempura and other fried dishes and also sashimi. It will slightly spice up your steam cooked dishes and broths such as steamed cod but also a wok of vegetables. Grilled dishes will not be left aside : chicken or beef kebabs, grilled king prawns or red mullet would be delicious with yuzu salt. You can also put some on fruit salads or vanilla ice cream. Yuzu salt goes also really well with tequila.

Ingredients: Halite (rock salt) (83%), roasted yuzu peel powder (17%). 

Preservation: Store in a cool, dry place, away from light. 

Origin: Japan 

Shelf life: 546 jours

Container: Glass bottle

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