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Our range of knives are traditional Japanese knives that are hand-crafted and sharpened by the master sharpener Shunichi Tahara

Sakai knives are high quality knives of an incredible sharpness resulting from ancestral know-how and traditional hand-made production techniques. The design of metal tools began during the 5th century, at the age of kofun (tombs), thanks to the knowledge of craftsmen from Korea. Later in the years, as the weapons industry developed due to the various civil wars happening at the time, Sakai’s craftsmen became more and more renowned, especially in katana designing. At the beginning of the Edo era, following the long-lasting peace, katana’ makers renewed themselves through various crafted products such as kitchen knives.


The material used to make the blades is a blend of iron and steel. Therefore, to keep the blades in a good condition and more especially avoid rust, a specific maintenance is required. Blades have to be thoroughly dried after each use and eventually oiled with knife lubricant. They also have to be correctly sharpened with a whetstone (not with a sharpener steel), available for purchase on our website or at a sharpener skilled to handle japanese knives.

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