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Nigari - coagulant for tofu - 5 ml


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Description : Jun-nigari sachet is a natural coagulant for tofu. It reacts to the proteins present in soy milk, so the soymilk used in tofu making has to be particularly rich in dry material, such as Banrai milk.

Use : Add 1 sachet of 5ml to 125ml of Banrai soy milk.

Ingredients : Water (85,1%), Sodium Chloride (8,6%), Magnesium Chloride (3,6%), Magnesium Sulfate (1%), Potassium Chloride (1,7%) 

Preservation : Store at room temperature, do not refrigerate.


2 years

Plastic small bag

“Good for nature, good for your body” is Banrai’ motto, a small business of 19 employees located in Mie Prefecture. For almost 240 years, Banrai strives to promote a healthy lifestyle thanks to fresh and high quality products such as their soy milk, to enjoy the authentic taste of tofu at home. Bliss, Versatility, Joyfulness, Playfulness, Sophistication and  Wholesomeness are the values that represent Banrai and its products the best, in accordance to Banrai’ objectives to contribute to a more sustainable society for the sake of each of us and the environment. The Banrai Soy Milk sold at Umami is made using Japanese soy beans called Fuyutaka, sweeter than average and rich in proteins and using  carefully selected water from Nohbi plains. This milk is produced following a sterilization process developed by Banrai to ensure the best quality without additives. Thanks to Banrai’ knowledge of tofu, the company developed a double-layered nabe, easy to use, to make a delicious homemade tofu.

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