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In this category, you will find our selection of Japanese BBQ. Compact and light, they can be used outdoor (camping, patio, balcony) but also inside. However, the use of a Japanese barbecue, especially inside, must be combined with security precautions

Do not use in a closed room. Do not use gas or methylated spirit to light the barbecue. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Keep your hot barbecue under surveillance. Clean only when cold. Always use a barbecue tong. Do not light directly in the barbecue.

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  • Japanese rectangular table grill

    Japanese rectangular table grill + handle

    Description : This rectangular Japanese grill is made from diatomite, which is really light and rich in silicate. It is molded and baked at 850°C. The barbecue is then...

    224,00 €

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  • Japanese Square Grill «Daimyo»

    Japanese square Table Grill «Daimyo»

    Description : The Japanese Daimyo barbecue is made from diatomite by hand. It is then dried and baked at 700°C before being reinforced. It would be adapted for 2 to 4 persons....

    88,00 €

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  • Tong L 300

    Tong L 300

    Description : This stainless steel tong is really strong. It will help you manage the cooking of all your ingredients while using one of our Japanese barbecues. 

    6,00 €

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  • Chimney Starter for Charcoal

    Chimney Starter for Charcoal

    Description : Binchotan is a metal look-alike thick vegetal charcoal very useful for barbecue cooking because it has a strong infra-red radiation that allows a cooked through...

    20,00 €

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  • Japanese Round Table Grill «Genghis» + grill & bottom grid

    Japanese round table grill «Genghis» + grill &...

    Description : It is ideal for charcoal cooking. With a porous structure made from diatomite, infrareds are reflected and then focused. It will be extremely efficient for cooking...

    139,00 €

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  • Japanese Round Table Grill «Mikawa»

    Round Table Grill «Mikawa»

    Description : Japanese Mikawa barbecue is made from clay with a potter’s wheel. When the clay has hardened, the duct is dug by hand, then it is dried and baked at 950°C before...

    188,00 €

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