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Japanese round table grill «Genghis» + grill & bottom grid


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Description : It is ideal for charcoal cooking. With a porous structure made from diatomite, infrareds are reflected and then focused. It will be extremely efficient for cooking quickly, especially if combined with binchotan or another high heat charcoal. Because it is porous, this Japanese barbecue is also a little fragile. I would be adapted for 2 to 4 persons. You can use it outside, on a terrace or on a table inside.

Use : Remove the shelf, insert the embers directly inside the set up barbecue. If you use binchotan, which can be tricky to start up, you can use our charcoal chimney to get embers easily. Oil the shelf and set it back. When it is hot, you can place the food to be grilled. It is ideal for grilling fresh or marinated meat, fish or vegetables, especially cut in smaller bits.

Use in a well-ventilated room. Do not collide with something, it can damage the barbecue. Use on the wood board included. When setting fire, be careful to sparks. Do not touch when the barbecue is hot. After use, check that it is out. Do not pour water in the bottom of the barbecue. If the bottom is wet, dry before use. 

Origin : Japan

Dimensions : D 285 x H 170 

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