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Shichimi with mikan - 7 spices blend 18g


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Description: Shichimi is a mix of Japanese high-quality spices very used in Japan and considered excellent for health. It is traditionally made of seven spices, hence its name in Japanese "shichi" (seven) "mi" (flavor). This shichimi combines two products that are the pride of the Wakayama region : Arita mikan peel and sansho pepper, both produced locally. It also contains ginger which brings a touch of freshness. 

Caution: The optimum use-by date of this product is displayed in Year/Month/Day.

Flavor: The lemon-flavored taste and the freshness of sansho pepper come first. Then come the spicy notes with the sparkle of ginger and the bitterness of mikan.

Use: Shichimi will season a wide range of dishes such as avocado salad or avocado toast, tofu, grilled meat, noodles like udon or even fried potatoes. You can mix some shichimi with the mikan ponzu sauce to make a dressing for salads.

Ingredients: Mikan peel (41%), Red hot pepper, Sansho pepper, Black sesame, Poppy seeds, Ginger, Aonori seaweed.

Allergen: Sesame

Preservation: Keep at room temperature, away from sunlight and heat. After opening, close well and keep refrigerated.

Origin: Japan

Shelf life: 18 mois

Container: Glass bottle

Sowa Kajuen is the result of a collaboration between 7 mikan farmers.They combined their knowledge to develop both business and new mikan based products. Sowa Kajuen is located in Arida, Wakayama. This region has been, for over 400 years, the leading area for mikan production in Japan thanks to its environment. The low precipitation during summer and the well-drained soil are the key factors to grow the well-known Arida mikan. Sowa Kajuen combines natural resources and new technologies to produce, on more than 8 hectares of land, flavorful mikan that are entirely used to make a wide range of products. Discover the authentic flavor of Arida mikan by Sowa Kajun throughout Umami Paris.

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